Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!


setoayumi instagram update*


Captain America, drawn in PS.


Lucky Sawako :) She has amazing friends!

I was replaying Pokemon Emerald recently and was reminded of this gem which you can actually see for yourself if you visit the island in the water near Mauville City’s bike road. spectrumv came up with the suggestion to turn this into a comic! I love how childish the original Team Magma and Aqua are, I hope that sticks in the remake.

you know those blogs that make you go like “no giveaway in the world is worth following you for”? Or is it just me that has these feelings?


i miss harry potter i miss midnight book release parties i miss reading until i physically can’t stay awake any longer i miss the anticipation for the next story i miss midnight movie premieres i miss dressing up sweater tie cloak and all for the midnight movie premieres i miss the WB logo zooming in to hedwig’s theme i miss crying with 400 other fans in the theater over character deaths I MISS HARRY POTTER SO FUCKING MUCH i’ll never be okay again


can bob the builder fix my crumbling life




This, this and more this!

look at the last pic help

I like to reblog puppy pictures for followers who might be having a rough day because hell, how can you frown when puppy so cute.


Cuteness overload


Marauders Appreciation Week 

day iii » marauders AU

∟  Modern Day Marauders + internet                        


do you ever see someone loving on ur fav character and ur like

u have good taste but

they’re mine