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That’s it? Aren’t you supposed to talk me out of it? Tell me it’s just cold feet? I’m being crazy?

helloupthere said: SLEEPOVER: So I was at a kegger the other night that a lot of my coworkers were at and one particularly fine coworker booty was there ;) Although we were both designated drivers. it's ACTUALLY not that exciting BUT my one friend was talking to me about this girl (my other friend) he was in love with but stopped talking to a while ago bc she wasnt interested in him and sigh I feel like this friend is still hung up on her and I feel like I should tell him to get over her

YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE OPORTUNITY TO GET CLOSER, DID YOU???? As far as your friend goes, I don’t know, men, if he’s hung up, let him be? I mean, when people INSIST on like people who have not being in their life for a little while is probably because they are more infatuated with the feeling of liking than with the person themselves? Or are you close enough to them that you can just go like “dude, get over it”?

Anonymous said: I know he's a bit imature, and he seems to like the attention that aaall the girls give him, but still, I can't stop liking him. I just feel that everyone likes him just because he's handsome, not because he really is a cool guy.

Here’s the thing: no matter what I say can make you stop liking him. What I can say though is that even if you WERE the only person on earth to see him for who he truly is and the only one who could like him or whatever, if he’s only gonna be into girls who are certain way, that will only hurt you, you know? You’re allowed to like him and if you can’t let go, then don’t. Try to confess if you can see where that leads you but what I’ve learned in life is that, if you get along just fine with a guy but he doesn’t see you “as a girl” because of your appearance then they’re never great.