I’m happy to see people celebrating, I’m happy for all of those who feel avenged but please, guys, you must see all the aspects of this situation.

He still has followers, there’s still terrorism, there’s a big chance of retaliation. I want to believe the US is prepared because they’ve been doing their best since the shock 09/11 was but don’t be naive to believe that a man as smart as Osama would leave his organization unprepared. He has means, money and people - it doesn’t matter if he’s dead; his men believed in his ideals and not in his persona. His loss means a lot as a symbol but we can never say “it’s over now”; to lose a symbol can weaken a group but it can also make it grow stronger.

Celebrate if you want and believe if you want but be prepared too, I don’t wish for something bad to happen, but the death of Osama is not the end of all things bad going on.

Don’t forget Iraq, don’t forget religious radicals (and I don’t mean only ONE religion, I mean all of them, radicalism is never safe), don’t forget Libya, don’t forget that  al-Qaeda hasn’t ended. There’s much more to this than just the corpse of a 50 something year old man, ok?

Please think about the bigger picture and let’s make our main goal not to celebrate someone’s death but to celebrate the achievement of peace when it really gets here.

Unlike chess, killing the King does not mean the end of the game. 

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