An About Me + Selfies so you can see I’m adorable and have a quirky sense of humor are you in love with me yet:

  • Thatu is a juction of a popular nickname for my real name in Brazil and my family name initial. Wich is “U”. 
  • "U" is the first letter in "Urano" which is my family name. That translates for Uranus.
  • Yes, I got a lot of jokes growing up, but I also got dibs on being Haruka on every game of Sailor Moon ever, so shut up.
  • I’m 25 years old and I own a pet cactus with whom I constantly have conversations.
  • In baby-talk.
  • I also carry around pictures of him in different outfits on my phone and show it to strangers when we talk about pets.
  • I have - more than once - taken an image of Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon to show how I wanted my hair cut.
  • During the hormonal process that was the first month of the post-op for my gastric bypass, I have cried a total amount of four times, all of them because, even if I lost all the extra weight, I’d not be Dianna Agron.
  • My mom does not allow me to have pet fish because I get very emotional when they die (see pet cactus).
  • I’m fully convinced that automatic doors can’t detect me, therefore I must be some sort of automatic door ghost.
  • I have collided  against a multitude of automatic doors.
  • I was born on an Ash Wednesday and my mom had tuberculosis during all the pregnancy. 
  • Hence, me being so much about Sturm and Drang
  • My mom is a marine biologist who can never remember which one - dinossaurs or dragons - are the real ones.
  • My dad flunked out of university more than six times and he always goes back to study philosophy. 
  • He used to pay me to write his papers.
  • I was ten.
  • I’m the youngest of three children. I have an older brother and sister.
  • My favorite type of music, tv show and movies are bad music, bad tv shows and bad movies. 
  • I’ve been trying to keep up with the Kardashians but it’s really tough and I’m out of shape.
  • I unnironically enjoyed all the singles in the Fergalicious album and I’m not even that ashamed.
  • I’m a Peanuts geek.
  • The comics, not the food. 
  • But I’m a big fan of the food as well, I just don’t know as many trivia facts.
  • I have a very obsessive and detailed-oriented behavior that I wish I could apply to useful things but are all wasted in fandoms.
  • I’m a famous author, translated to at least four languages.
  • All in fanfic.
  • Some of which are Twilight.
  • We’ve all been there.
  • Those were dark times, I was reading twilight, I was listening to fergie - things were tough.
  • My best friend once told me that if I sucked a lemon, the lemon would make a face.
  • He also said that when Crap wakes up feeling awful and it looks in the mirror, it says “Man, I’m looking like Thaís today.”
  • He’s rich, I can’t let him go.
  • I fell out of a moving bus twice.
  • I’m terrified of clowns.
  • I once punched a friend by accident and before asking if she was ok, turned around to check if anyone else had seen how awesome it had been. 
  • I’m secretly a beagle.
  • I like elephants.
  • Sometimes I’m sleeping and my cheeks are so large they make me pout and my lips are really big so they clog my nose and I wake up suffocating.
  • Life’s tough
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