When I was really young I had swimming lessons and I used to swim with my eyes closed and end up on a totally different corner of the one I should end in the pool. One time, my mom was watching me swim after she dropped me at class and she overheard these teenagers joking about how I was a blind whale (I couldn’t hear though, too focused swimming), so she sat next to them, just listening and then, at some point in their conversation, turned around and said “hey, how old are you guys?” and, because she was an adult they answered. “Oh, 13. You must spend most of your days looking at pictures of naked women, huh? Great, you know that thing a woman has between her legs, you probably don’t since you’re all virgins, anyway, that’s a cunt. And you,” she pointed to the boy who was making all the jokes “your mouth looks like a cunt. You’re a cunt mouth.” And then walked away while his friends all laughed at him. She posed no explanations whatsoever to her anger either. She offended a kid and walked away.

I told this story to my friend earlier today and he said “I never met your mom but listening to this story I feel like a lot of questions about you were just answered.”


I’m reading a book by Brené Brown at the moment about empathy, shame and vulnerability, and in it she makes the point that in her view the ONE hard and fast rule when trying to empathise with people is to avoid the words ‘at least’.

(I mentioned her to my counsellor a couple of weeks ago and he’s now recommending her TED talks to his colleagues, which is cool).

Bia is spending the day here, already peed on me. Yay.

the face of a criminal, really.

I really want to cut my hair but I really want to let it grow, it’s easy to let it grow now because there’s the motivation to only cut it when I lose more weight but like, I’m going to start swimming in a couple of weeks and it’s so hot here already, plus, I really like my hair short. Look.

But I like it long as well and short, though it doesn’t seem like it, it’s a lot of work as well, it’s only “less work” because if you have a bad hair day, there’s nothing you can do about it. I’M CONFLICTED.

Just gonna let it grow for now, ‘till I don’t. :T

shunpiked replied to your post: Back when I was a senior in high schoo…

please let me know when’s the wedding so i can buy the airplanes tickets before they’re awfully expensive thank u

here’s the real deal though, not only am i three hundred times less hot than I was back in high school, all friend zone comments aside, dudes do like me a lot. Actually people like me, they think I’m entertaining (which I am) so there’s a HUGE chance his constant glances in my direction were related to MAYBE wanting me to make jokes. People, when they don’t know me too well, often fight over whose side I’m gonna sit next to. I don’t even think he thought I was that great, I think he honestly just thought I was funny and wanted to laugh.


Back when I was a senior in high school, there was this guy all girls were kinda into and he was really cute and friends with friends but we never really became actual friends though there was obviously the intention to do so because we had similar likes and sense of humor. Most of our interactions revolved around him pulling my hair and making jokes about how it was blue. 

Then, after I graduated we lost contact but he worked at a bookshop I often went too but it had been too long since we had talked and I think we only talked once after that and I think that he didn’t really remember me.

I saw him a few times more but we never talked again but it became common knowledge for my best friend that I thought the guy was cool and hot and since they both share the same name, my friend sort of remembers him easily.

Now the guy is sort of becoming a regular at my friend’s place, according to him, and I’m like “aaah he never remembered me, all those wasted chances, why doesn’t senpai notice me” and my friend said he actually does and that, back in the bookstore times, he kept looking at me though he can’t say if it was because he knew me from somewhere but didn’t know where or if he actually wanted to talk to me and didn’t know how.


My best friend is such a good wingman. I asked him how did he know that and he said “of course i kept staring at him to see what he’d do” - what a good friend, really.

Also, the cool cute dude was the son of our biology teacher and he was super cool.

I really wish someone would confess to me. I mean, it’s not like I want to be loved or anything, I just wanna dump them by saying I already like someone and when they ask who I can show them pictures of anime characters.

April, 10, 2014, it’s not even seven am and just now - after 25 years of living - did I notice that Robin Hood stands for “Rob in Hood”. 

Last saturday I was talking to a friend about a shoujo manga I was reading and another friend was nearby and interrupted us because he had misheard the title of the shoujo I was talking about for “An Abundance of Katherines”.

"Oh yes," I said "A fantastic shoujo by Midori John-san."


I am what I hate most in the world

everyone stop what they’re doing and tell me i’m hot

i live in a coast town in brazil. this is me using my laptop in my bedroom right now