I’m probably gonna color the original sketch digitally because I smudged my lines coloring traditionally, ahaha. - Kirii
IT ALREADY LOOKS WONDERFUL! Ah! Your style is so recognizable, I swear, I could spot it so easily on a crowd <3 Thanks so much!!

hope you like it!

OH MAN, IT’S SO ADORABLE, YOU GOT THE HAIR SPOT ON!! <3 <3 How dare you say you’re not good at this, this is SO great!

Ok, real talk now: I’ve been collecting drawings of my face I’ve got from people and friends for a long time now and they’re very dear to me so I’ve started an actual collection. So, if you don’t find it a bother, please draw me. It doesn’t have to be good and you don’t have to put any effort. I don’t have to look human, for instance, nor does it have to be colored or anything. Make it funny or symbolic or whatever you want. It can be a stick figure for all I care. Especially if you don’t have the habit to draw, draw me. I’ll love it and cherish it forever so please! I may tag some of you people but this is not a request for a drawing, it’s like, if you’re sitting down with a pen on your lap, sketch what you think of me or what i look like and submit it to me. I’ll print it and keep it forever!! <3 It will also go on an album on my facebook (with all the credits), whatever you do is good and wonderful, literally EVERYTHING.

I feel bad tagging people because it really does feel like me requesting art but it’s literally just a plead, if you wanna do it, do it, if not, you’re free not to and don’t worry about explaining yourself to me or anything, just sketch things if you feel like it. Notice that not everyone I’m tagging is known as a person who likes to draw, that’s because you get to do whatever you feel like doing. 

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A portrait of thatu~

I follow her on my main blog. :)

WHY WOULD I EVER THINK THIS IS CREEPY?/ THIS IS WONDERFUL, THIS IS A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BEHAVIOR, I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS, OH MY GOD, SO HAPPY! It looks so beautiful and your coloring skills are SO good! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been collecting people’s portraits of me for a while now and this is a great addition to it, I’m gonna print it out and put it on my photo pannel thank you so, so much!! <3

I called my mom to whine about being stung by a bee and to ask what to do in case I happened to be allergic and she said

"oh, it really hurts, doesn’t it? Same pain as being burnt by cigarettes"

Mom, I don’t need to know the kinks you were into back in the 70’s.

My sister and I got kinda carried away with Bia today.

most private thing I'm willing to admit: I keep messing up RuPaul and Paul Rudd's name.

newsflash: i’m still anime trash



look thatu !!!