I just got really into this shoujo series! I’ll show you four totally unrelated images and you guys are going to have to guess why I’m so into it! 

I know it’s hard to guess, but do try!! 


I made out with a cake today. As in sorta literally. 

I can’t eat it, right? But I haven’t eaten anything solid in a month now so I saw cake on the top of our water cooler and, it’s like in the right heigh of my face so I kinda of just “let me just smell it” and forced my face into it and then licked it a little and then took a piece with my hands, like, the smaller than a cut nail and put it in my mouth and chewed a lot before swalling it and it was wonderful.

No one in my family saw it. 

They are gonna eat my licked cake.

man, my post-op was hard.

McGonagall is also a ENTJ!! I mean, people are always listing Voldemort and Grindewald, but like, don’t forget Minnie! 


MBTI in Fiction: ENTJ’s are quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. They are resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, and are good at reading other people. Bored by routine, ENTJ’s will seldom do the same thing the same way, and are apt to turn to one new interest after another. (x)

To be hardcore like me, you have to:

  • take pictures of Hiccup from HTTYD to a professional hairdresser and say that’s how you want your hair to look like.
  • Find out you can OD on cough syrup after barely od’ing on cough syrup.
  • Meet someone on Tinder but instead of flirt, end up scheduling RPG sessions.
  • Refuse invitations out but instead spend your Saturday night at home drinking fruit smoothies and eating cheese and banana while watching documentaries on “The Art of War”.

I did it. I just bought the fucking photo frame pendant to put a picture of me and ryu in it. 

about me: today my friends told me they couldn’t find one but wanted to buy one of those necklaces where you put pictures of people in and put a picture of me on one of the frames and one of Ryu on the other so I could walk around with my lover on my neck.

This is my reality, this is what it has come to.

Thank you, friends.

My friend went on a trip a week ago and when I saw her today she stared at me lovingly and said “You’re so cute, you look cuter everyday.” and I was like “wow thanks” and then she said “that’s why I bought you a rape whistle during my trip. Here, take it.”

sorry you dont see it but you’re damn pretty….take our collective word for it accept it live it

What is one girl’s opinion against the strong collective force of the people in agreement??? But allow me one final argument against your case: