vivunt-amant said: Selfie? C:

Oh, I’ve been never asked for a selfie before - I think? haha I feel so honored! Well, here you go! It’s one of the latest ones, :3

do you guys even know how many of my friends have sent me - at different occasions - that image of the taco duck tamagotchi dude from tinder and said it was me in a mask? More than three times. MORE-THAN-THREE-TIMES.

I post selfies and then my mom shares them like  ”yo i made this”

Now, to celebrate a little further, here are some progress shots (I need to find more pictures of my before though).

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omg, ok, so here’s a long post and I probably talked about it here before but anyway:

when I was a little kid I was heavily bullied by the kids in the little school I went to. They systematically ignored me and called me names and beat me up and I had some horrid three years there. I had two friends, one of them was forbidden to talk to me because she was friends with the head bitch in charge and that girl was the one pulling all the strings on people ignoring me. The other kid was a little boy that, because we were six, didn’t spend all that much time with me because boys and girls and gender is stupid and cooties and stuff. That said, we were neighbors though. He lived in the house across the street from mine and, because it was an old street, his grandma knew my grandma and his parents knew my parents so that’s how we got close. Because of my dad drinking I eventually moved out but his family is still across the street from my dad anyway, that’s not the point.

The point is that I always joke about how OBVIOUSLY this kid and I will get married someday because that’s how shoujo manga works and because, when we were about nine, after I had changed schools he one day came over to my house and we were having a very serious conversation about school and how tough life is (we were NINE) and he asked me how I was doing at my new school and I told him “I’m trying but sometimes it’s hard” and he said, I swear, the cutest thing ever, he told me, out of nowhere:

"But I’m sure you will do fine, you’re the smartest girl I’ve ever known."

Like, imagine a nine year old boy telling nine year old you that. Of course we are getting married.

Regardless, I didin’t see him for YEARS (do you see what i’m going on about shoujo manga here?) but accidentally met again during entrance exams for university and when we both graduated our English courses. Back then we regained contact and talked about music a lot (he has a band and stuff) but that was all except we joked a lot about being hurt all the time as children and the fact that while he had gotten tall, I had just remained exactly the same person I was as a kid (I’m one of those people whose features never changed). Anyway, as I said, I always tell people that I’ll marry him eventually - obviously not to his face. We lost contact again and I haven’t seen him since I was about 18? Anyway, it’s been years. But I still do tell people about how I’m the smartest coollest chick he knew at age nine because well, yeah.

Anyway, case in point, I went to my friend’s graduation party today and here in Brazil we make HUGE graduation parties with fancy clothes and drinking and food and there’s this moment where every person graduating gets to walk down an aisle ofr some stairs while a song of their choice plays and people clap and throw confetti and celebrate, whatever. This was a particularly big party so they had like this catwalk and long music, it was extra big and expensive because it was the medicine course graduation and they’re like the BIG DEAL here in Brazil. anyway, so here comes this dude at the catwalk, arms open as loud rock music plays he puts on sunglasses dances, moves around like he has a guitar he owns the stage in a funny yet confident way and then there are pictures of him and his name featured on a screen in the background. 

And it’s him.


So I walk around telling all my friends that my destiny is at the party and that I should avoid him at all costs “I’M NOT READY FOR DESTINY TO FIND ME, I’M NOT CUTE ENOUGH FOR IT YET” which is only half a joke because jesus he looked so hot.

Point neing that I half stalked him all throughout my friend’s party without necessarily asking anyone about it cause it’d be i eird if someone there knew him (and as it turns out they did)  but because it was a HUGE party with lots of friends and families (I’m guessing around 500 people), I didn’t find his table or his family. Though I know them, I wouldn’t feel super comfortable being like “HEY IT ME” so yeah.

So, when it was getting really late, I started walking with a friend around the buffet and we sat down on some chairs to talk. At some point he passes us by, doesn’t notice me at all (which is ok because DESTINY KNOWS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME) and, as I guessed, he was there with his girlfriend.

Which is ok.

Cause she’s a chubby blonde. 

As in hahah bet he looks for me in every girl he ever dates because he too knows I’m Destiny (attention: this is a made up fact the girl wasn’t even that chubby and he used to date a very skinny brunette when I first met him again as a teen). 

Anyway, I let him go as I watched him from behind and said “Not today, darling, BUT SOMEDAY.”

THEN i found him on facebook and sent him a message saying “i think I accidentally just came back from your graduation party” which makes no sense if he doesn’t remember me at all but c’mon,  my dad is his neighbor and my name is URANUS,

I’m sure the friend request at five am is totally ok. WE ARE DESTINY and stuff,  right? RIGHT!?!?!?!

I’m probably gonna color the original sketch digitally because I smudged my lines coloring traditionally, ahaha. - Kirii
IT ALREADY LOOKS WONDERFUL! Ah! Your style is so recognizable, I swear, I could spot it so easily on a crowd <3 Thanks so much!!

hope you like it!

OH MAN, IT’S SO ADORABLE, YOU GOT THE HAIR SPOT ON!! <3 <3 How dare you say you’re not good at this, this is SO great!

Ok, real talk now: I’ve been collecting drawings of my face I’ve got from people and friends for a long time now and they’re very dear to me so I’ve started an actual collection. So, if you don’t find it a bother, please draw me. It doesn’t have to be good and you don’t have to put any effort. I don’t have to look human, for instance, nor does it have to be colored or anything. Make it funny or symbolic or whatever you want. It can be a stick figure for all I care. Especially if you don’t have the habit to draw, draw me. I’ll love it and cherish it forever so please! I may tag some of you people but this is not a request for a drawing, it’s like, if you’re sitting down with a pen on your lap, sketch what you think of me or what i look like and submit it to me. I’ll print it and keep it forever!! <3 It will also go on an album on my facebook (with all the credits), whatever you do is good and wonderful, literally EVERYTHING.

I feel bad tagging people because it really does feel like me requesting art but it’s literally just a plead, if you wanna do it, do it, if not, you’re free not to and don’t worry about explaining yourself to me or anything, just sketch things if you feel like it. Notice that not everyone I’m tagging is known as a person who likes to draw, that’s because you get to do whatever you feel like doing. 

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A portrait of thatu~

I follow her on my main blog. :)

WHY WOULD I EVER THINK THIS IS CREEPY?/ THIS IS WONDERFUL, THIS IS A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BEHAVIOR, I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS, OH MY GOD, SO HAPPY! It looks so beautiful and your coloring skills are SO good! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been collecting people’s portraits of me for a while now and this is a great addition to it, I’m gonna print it out and put it on my photo pannel thank you so, so much!! <3

I called my mom to whine about being stung by a bee and to ask what to do in case I happened to be allergic and she said

"oh, it really hurts, doesn’t it? Same pain as being burnt by cigarettes"

Mom, I don’t need to know the kinks you were into back in the 70’s.

My sister and I got kinda carried away with Bia today.